Saturday, December 4, 2010

Musicans at the Cellar

Jack Fulton and Fraser McPherson, 1958

Wally Lightbody

Don Cumming and Chuck Knott

(lt-rt.) Bill Boyle, Tony Clitheroe, Jim Johnson, Jack Feyer, and John Dawe

(lt.-rt.) Fraser MacPherson, Bill Holmes, Earl Freeman, Bill Perkins, Chuck Logan, and Tom Thorsburn

Fred Massey

Bill Boyle

lt. Harold Land, tenor sax; rt. Amos Trice, piano

John Dawe playing at the Cellar with Bob Miller, bass

Tony Clitheroe, bass

(lt) Stan "Cuddles" Johnson, bass; (rt.) Art Pepper, alto sax

lt.John Dawe, trumpet, (rt) Harold Krause, piano

(lt-rt) Ray Sikora , (trombone) Bob Miller, bass,
Chuck Logan, drums , The Scene, Victoria, ca. 1960

The Mastersounds: (lt-rt.) Benny Barth, Monk Montgomery,
Buddy Montgomery, Richie Crabtree, The Cellar, 1959

(lt-rt) Eddy Roop, Tony Clitheroe, Bill Perkins,
Chuck Logan, Tom Thorsburn, The Cellar, 1960

lt-rt. Chuck Logan, Bill Boyle, Tony Clitheroe,
Harold Krause, John Dawe, The Cellar, ca 1958

(lt-rt) Dale Hillary, Ornette Coleman, Spanky de Brest,
Don Cherry, Mel Lewis
, New York, ca. 1959

Bob Frogge

Ray Sikora and Bob Miller

Jerry Fuller

Carl Perkins, piano, Curtis Counce, bass, Frank Butler, drums,
Harold Land, tenor sax and Jack Sheldon, trumpet, Unidentified club in L.A., 1957

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